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  • The Mad Hatter ZZ1563 The Mad Hatter
  • Beer and Skittles ZZ1564 Beer and Skittles
  • The Old Toad ZZ1565 The Old Toad
  • Bicycle Acrobat! ZZ1566 Bicycle Acrobat!
  • Bottoms Up! ZZ1567 Bottoms Up!
  • The Gentleman and the Ostrich ZZ1568 The Gentleman and the Ostrich
  • Ta-Dah! ZZ1569 Ta-Dah!
  • The Dapper Chap ZZ1570 The Dapper Chap
  • Thinking of Ewe! ZZ1989 Thinking of Ewe!
  • Be my Valentine ZZ1750 Be my Valentine
  • Ruby de Bloom ZZ1761 Ruby de Bloom
  • Bloomin' Ma-vellous ZZ1766 Bloomin' Ma-vellous

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