CollageOrama is the work of Matt Dinniman. From Hipster Dogs to Chimps in Space and Rhino's looking for a first date, every creation at CollageOrama is the direct result of too much caffeine and too little sleep. Combining traditional collage art, photography and illustration, each unique animal is a snapshot of the weird, the wacky and the absurd.

  • Little Tony MD721 Little Tony
  • Zeke the Cool Camel MD725 Zeke the Cool Camel
  • Pug DMC MD726 Pug DMC
  • Early Reader Kitten MD1354 Early Reader Kitten
  • Robot Love MD1156 Robot Love
  • Four Leaf Clover MD791 Four Leaf Clover
  • The Penguin Lovers MD660 The Penguin Lovers
  • The long voyage home MD2129 The long voyage home
  • Tiger Steampunk MD1774 Tiger Steampunk
  • Badger Xmas XMD1696 Badger Xmas
  • Santa's Little Hopper XMD1080 Santa's Little Hopper
  • The Christmas Penguin Lovers XMD773 The Christmas Penguin Lovers

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