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Kate Wilson

Creative, quirky and with a passion for doodling, Kate immerses herself in the illustrative world of her ‘Little Doodles’. Whether it is the clasp of a quirky handbag being sported by a fashionista on the streets to the perfect cupcake in a patisserie window, the little details that often pass people by play the biggest influence on Kate's work.

  • Nice Buns KW2387 Nice Buns
  • Cheep, cheep baby KW1619 Cheep, cheep baby
  • All Sorts of Lovely KW1579 All Sorts of Lovely
  • High Flyer KW1609 High Flyer
  • Toodle Pip KW1612 Toodle Pip
  • Baby Bird KW1312 Baby Bird
  • Elvis Bird KW1351 Elvis Bird
  • A Perfect fit KW1051 A Perfect fit
  • Weeeeee! KW1050 Weeeeee!
  • With this Gummy Ring KW185 With this Gummy Ring
  • The Perfect Pair KW586 The Perfect Pair
  • I miss you sew KW369 I miss you sew

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