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Richard Spare

Born in Chelmsford in Essex, Richard Spare studied painting at Maidstone College of Art between 1971 and 1974. Working from his studio in London, he has exhibited in Britain, Australia, the USA, Canada, Poland, Korea and Spain, and makes regular trips throughout Japan for a series of one-man shows. His work is held in universities and private collections around the world. Richard is a frequent exhibitor in the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art in London.

  • Richard Spare R002 Richard Spare
  • Richard Spare R192 Richard Spare
  • Richard Spare RRS2922 Richard Spare
  • Richard Spare RRS1152 Richard Spare
  • Richard Spare RRS1661 Richard Spare
  • Tulip Trio RS1806 Tulip Trio
  • Lemon Orchid RS1808 Lemon Orchid
  • Japanese Vase with Lilies RS1809 Japanese Vase with Lilies
  • Japanese Bowl RS1640 Japanese Bowl
  • Golden Hollyhocks RS1641 Golden Hollyhocks
  • Cactus Dahlias RS1642 Cactus Dahlias
  • Sunshine Daffodils RS141 Sunshine Daffodils

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