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Jessica Cooper

Tucked away amongst the granite of Penwith, Jessica Cooper RWA has lived and worked in the isolation of Britain’s most southwesterly outcrop of land for most of her life. Her compositions are rooted in everyday objects, people and places and pared down by line with the economy of a skilled draughtsman. Everyday chaos is reduced to calm giving both colour and mark equal significance.

  • You to me are beautiful JC1814 You to me are beautiful
  • You are so lovely JC1815 You are so lovely
  • You Make Life Good JC1258 You Make Life Good
  • Rebel Girl JC1260 Rebel Girl
  • New York Sunflowers JC1259 New York Sunflowers
  • Grey Slate JC324 Grey Slate
  • Daffodils in April JC325 Daffodils in April
  • Blush Pears JC326 Blush Pears
  • Flower Bud JC327 Flower Bud
  • Your Daffodils JC328 Your Daffodils
  • Camille JC838 Camille
  • Daffodils in Spring JC839 Daffodils in Spring

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